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I have a problem building muscle mass - how often should I work out and for how long?
You should work out every other day and for no longer than 60 minutes.

It is possible to workout with my thighs after a hip replacement?
Yes it is, but you must know how.......

What is the best exercise to get bigger thighs?
Squats with a bar and free weights.

How many reps do you recommend for biceps?
Do only 6 - no more.  Biceps are small muscles, and you can easily........

How much Vitamin C do you recommend to use, and when?
Use 200mg in the Summer, and up to 1000mg in the Winter - 500mg after breakfast, 500mg after lunch and 500mg 1 hour before your work out. But never.......

How can I decrease the level of lactic acid build up after a work out to get in an alkaline state as quickly as possible?
Straight after your workout, use 3 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), or a supplement called Kre-Alkalyn.

The day after a leg workout I feel pain in my lower back.  What should I do to avoid this or get rid of it?
Place your hand on your chin and ask someone to grab you around your waist and stretch your spine after your workout.  Your spine is compressed and some of........